ftp user configuration

Hi all,
i am trying by 2 days to configure a ftp user.
I have a domain example.com, a sub domain forum.example.com and I have added a ftp/email user “test”.
Whem i connect whit ftp i see the list of the file in example.com and i cannot change the defaul login directory into proftd.
I have tried to configure ftp directory restrictions to Users’ home directories and proftp to the same but nothing…
Any idea ?
Thank you !

I’m not sure I understand the problem you’re having. But I’ll take a stab at it:

Sounds like maybe you’re creating a website access FTP user…which I don’t think is what you want here. If you want a user to be put into their own home directory, don’t create a website administrative user–that account type is specifically for the purpose of granting a user FTP access to the website data–instead just create a regular mail and FTP user.

I got it !
That’s was my fault…
I have configured general proftp setting and not virtual server setting into proftp setting…
I have configured both and now it is perfect.
Thank you very much