FTP speed slow (not downloading and uploading)

Hey I mean the speed of looking tho folders and mass moving files

From about 5 days it got really slow and I have no idea why. Ive try restarting proftp but seems to be the same

Is there any reason why this would happen?


The only thing new is I updated to the new virtualmin script

I’m not sure why that would happen, but the FTP service is completely separate from Virtualmin, so it’s unlikely your recent update was related :slight_smile:

What is the load like on your server? If you run the “uptime” command, what output do you see?

If you are seeing a high amount of disk or bandwidth usage, that may be one possible cause for why the FTP listings are slow.

Also, is your server directly on the Internet (such as a VPS or co-located at a datacenter), or is it on a private IP and sitting behind a NAT router?


Eric sorry about this *I had filezile limit on :frowning: * very sorry… utter idiot mistake.