FTP Issues No passive Mode-Access blocked for some

I posted this to the support but I just thought to try here:

I have a new issue with FTP under the VirtualMin/ProFTPD server set up:

I have set up an FTP user:

host: wiki.hindu.org
user: uploads.wiki
passwd: password

who is chrooted (jailed in) to /home/wikihinduorg/public_html/ftp/

I follow directions given by Jamie (you can view that thread in the bugs and issues section)

Now, I can log in just fine from Hawaii, but I can’t get anyone in California or the Ukraine to log in with those credentials.What logs should I look at? I’ve never had this happen before, if I can log in then I give those log ins to someone, they normally can log in.

Now, second issue, possibly related: passive mode connections are failing to the server even though ProFTPD is set up with PASV port range Default on… I have set my FTP client to active and so have the team in California and Ukraine, still no go for them… I’m checking with our host to see if they have some kind of firewall outside our box I don’t know about. Of course passive mode is not required, but some firewalls in front of clients will demand it: the wont’ allow the server to set the data transfer port, they expect the server to let the firewall specify the data tranfer port.

Any clues will be appreciated.

did they also try to use different ftp software? or even try to log in through the browser with ftp://wiki.hindu.org ?
how about sftp on port 22? or creating ftp users in virtualmin so they can use the build in filemanager?

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