FTP - how to hide folders and files

How to hide all folders and files except “log” and “public_html” for users when accessing via FTP? Thanks
root/home/web/…-this files & folders -

hi, that is not ftp… you accessing this as root - you wont be able to hide this from root however normal user will be able to see those too, but not be able to access it - like read or edit any of those… for ftp experience please use filezilla or other ftp client. Also be advised that ftp is insecure and very old - I would advise you to not use that protocol any more.

You could use “Edit Users > Add a website FTP access user” option for the concerned Virtual Server. This will not give the new user access to the “logs” directory, but it will encapsulate him in “public_html” when connected with FTP/SFTP.

This should be possible doing solely in File Manager (no need for FTP, in case you need to provide someone an access to your server, on the specific directories only) by creating a user on Webmin ⇾ Webmin Users page and later configuring only access for File Manager for that user under Available Webmin modules and setting Allow access to directories to explicit directories that would be allowed.

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