FTP directory restrictions

I receive the following error message when I click on the FTP directory restrictions link in the System Settings menu: "FTP directory restrictions can only be configured when the ProFTPd server is installed and in use"

ProFTPd is installed and working, and the VMIN config check sees it.

I too am experiencing this error. I have restarted my machine after installing virtualmin 3.56gpl on Webmin 1.410. ProFTPd is installed and working. All help is appreciated.

Here’s what I had to do to fix this.

  1. Create a group called "ftp".
  2. Open features and plugins under System Settings.
  3. Check ProFTPd Server and save.

Once I did these things, the FTP directory restrictions work like a charm.

cool. thanks, although now I have some issues with virtual FTP servers and IPs. I will figure out a way around it.

Have you read the help page about “virtual FTP”? You almost certainly don’t need it or want it. It is not needed to provide FTP access to your server. It is only needed for anonymous FTP access to a particular virtual host by name. e.g. something that HTTP does better and without needing a dedicated IP.

I haven’t read the help info, but I haven’t been using ProFTPd in this manner since I first configured Vmin and all of the other apps. I figured out how to config ProFTPd after I tried creating a second server on the system.

When he provided his solution, and I saw what had to be enabled I knew what the results would be, because it was why I had disabled this option in the System Settings. I just did not want to go in too much detail, because I figured if someone actually needed this enabled they probably won’t be using Vmin the same way I or most other users do.

I just hadn’t noticed the “FTP directory restrictions” link before, so I wasn’t sure what the page was supposed to show.