FTP and UserMin problems


I’m still testing everything out before i deploy it to the main server.
But i keep getting problems. I created a test user…called test…
I tryd to login trough FTP. He connects, i put in the login details. Hes trying to get the directory list, and failed.
I just lost connection somehow. Second problem is with UserMin. I clicked at the user on “Login to Usermin”, but i’m unable to connect, i’m running this trough VPN. So ports need to be open.

Any sollutions about the above problems.
Or are they just bugs? Let me known.


Quote possibly, you are dealing with passive FTP issues. Do a search for passive FTP and you should find all the details needed to make it work. Or, use non passive FTP from your FTP client. It’s not a virtualmin issue per se.

Well the weird part is that my other FTP server is using passive to. And i do not have any problems with it.
How about the UserMin. Any Solution for that?