From cpanel - looking for replacement of CalDAV

Hi, on cPanel there was a easy plugin to add functionality for Calendar and Contacts to a domain … how can I replace that on Virtualmin? Thank you in advance!

HI, let me pls repharse what I am looking for… what ie. groupware tool or server etc would you use to add a calendar and contact funtion (connecting it to ie. Thunderbird) to a virtual server?

Thx in advance

If I recall it correctly, there is no ootb function from virtualmin like that.
Nextcloud can do both, but that’s also not just that function. Its a cloud system with groupware functionality.

Hi Carson,
thank you so much… NC is a very mighty…are you aware of other recommendable groupware tools … is roundcube or horde etc?
I googled and found for example this

just not sure if this can do what I am looking for…create calendar under my business email…
Thx a million

I heared about that one too, its recommended from multiple sites/communites.
If you mean like using a company mail (a company what you are working for), then I would ask for their permissions first. If its your own company, then just make sure to secure it as best as possible.
Otherwise you might take a look into Nextcloud again. Since its highly configurable and secure.

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I wanted something for CalDAV and WebDAV that was light and easy and Nextcloud seemed like too much at first. After a long test drive I’m impressed with how well a minimal setup is working out on a small VPS.

I haven’t tried it yet, but NC has a webmail app (which I think is based on IMP) that talks to its calendar and contacts apps.

NC’s emphasis on security is sometimes annoying but in a good way.

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thank you guys, will check it out!

I would liek to try both then… is NC very hard to install (packages, modrewrite etc etc)?
And radicale needs python3 … can i easily install python3 with Virtualmin on a virtual server? thank you so much

Both are doable, even without deep knowledge.
There are plenty of tutorials for different OS out there.
NC basically takes like 5 minutes so install and usually, you dont need to enable additional things if your server is properly set up.

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