from 1.500 on debian to 1.520 on Ubuntu 10.10 - sub-domain differences

HI there!
I recently migrated from a Debian 4 to an Ubuntu 10.10 server and installed wemin & Virtualmin
After controlling that the options were the same I created a domain and then a sub-domain.

But while in the previous I had

beyond the fact that it can be better or worse, how can I get to the previous configuration?

Thanks a lot!

Hmm, in theory, whenever you go to add a new Sub-Server to your account, it should add that to “/home/USERNAME/domains/DOMAIN.TLD/”. That path should be the default.

So you’re saying you’ve added a Sub-Server, and that’s not the path you’re seeing?

One thing you may want to do is take a peek in System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Defaults for new domains, and make sure the paths and settings you see in there are correct.


I think I have to apologize, beyond thanking you for your instant reply.

I made a bit of confusion between a SUB SERVER and a SUB DOMAIN. All comes from the fact that I changed to the “Virtualmin Framed Theme”.
With the old theme I had only the chance to “add a new virtual server” which can be owned by nobody or by another entuity which is actually a virtual server itself.

With this new frame I saw sub-domain and thought it was the old one, but the chiuce I had to take was to add a SUB SERVER.

As far as we’re on the topic, can ypu address how me to understand the difference between a SUB SERVER and a SUB DOMAIN?


Lemme give the quick version. :slight_smile:

Sub-server: A Virtualmin managed virtual server which is owned and can be configured by the same person/entity as the parent server. Technically, its files reside in a subdirectory of the parent’s home. Has nothing to do with domain names; sub-servers can be a sub-domain of the parent domain, but can be a totally different domain too.

Sub-domain: explanation by example: “child.domain.tld” is a sub-domain of “domain.tld”, concerning nameserver zone hierarchies. Nothing more. Do not mix up with “sub-servers”. :wink:

To further clarify the distinction there – there was, some time ago, a type of Virtual Server you could add which was named “Sub-Domain”.

It was eventually dubbed as “confusing” and the feature was removed :slight_smile:

Nowadays, if you’d like to add a sub-domain into Virtualmin, no problem… simply add it as a Virtual Server or a Sub-Server.

Where Virtualmin asks for the domain name you’re adding, rather than, you can simply enter “”. Virtualmin doesn’t distinguish between domains and sub-domains. To Virtualmin, they’re all just names of things :slight_smile: