Fresh Install of Centos 7 and virtualmin no login screen

Hello I am running an instance of centos 7 on GCP. I have installed this before successfully for some odd reason I can not access the login screen. I have completed all of the steps you provide to the letter and it is still giving me an error of took too long to respond. I am supposed to be hosting Virtual Tours on this server in a matter of days and I have no idea what is wrong. Please help.

That’s not a Virtualmin system. Your DNS is wrong.

Edit: It’s at Google, so you could also have misconfigured your public IP or load balancer. (And, I don’t know if they’ll let you forward 10000 on a Load Balancer.)

I apologize I have installed Virtualmin and Webmin in the past. I went to update one day and it broke so I went to recreate the instance had some issues and deleted the project. So I am starting over this time however Virtualmin installs fine then after I go to the login screen it never comes up. I have port 10000 open on tcp and udp. I am using a disk that comes with a load balancer I will check and see if that has anything to do with it. The original did not come with it. I was originally trying to set up 2 name servers and begin hosting my clients sites on my own server. I apologize for any confusion.

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