fresh install, new virtual server php are blank

I just installed virtualmin using the recommended automated script.

At first I created a virtual server and could not access it using ftp. I found the reason, the ftp server was not started for some reason.

Now I uploaded a functional web site content from another server I have and all php pages show as blank. I did a test using the “<?php phpinfo(); ?>” and it works.

I checked the apache error log and there was none.

I have enabled display errors for php from virtualmin and confirmed that the phpinfo() shows “display errors = On”.

Not sure what else I can do to see the error?


Hmm, that’s an unusual issue!

Just to verify – the Apache error log you checked, is that the one within the homedir for your domain, $HOME/logs/error_log?

For the problem you’re describing, I’d definitely expect to see an error in there.

Also, what are the file extensions of your files – are they just “.php”?


Ok I figured it out. I did not know there was a ‘display error’ setting separately for each virtual server.

It works now.