Fresh install, 1 virtual server works fine, 2nd only shows 404 Not Found

I just installed Virtualmin and finally got my first server working. I created a second server shared on the same IP updated the dns records at GoDaddy but only get the 404 Not Found error.
Where should I start looking for what is causing this on the second server?



Well, it’s possible that the DNS hasn’t been updated yet to point to your server. Or it could be cached, and temporarily still pointing to the old one. So you may just want to try again later.

But you could also try reviewing $HOME/logs/access_log, to see if you can find any references to an access attempt. That would show if it’s at least hitting the correct domain in Apache.


Godaddy, usually updates very quickly, most of my changes usually get updated within minutes.
It has been 48 hours which is more than enough time to update. Any other ideas? Is it possible I put something wrong in setup?