Freelancer looking for job


I am 26 years old FreeBSD senior UNIX administrator (skill with FBSD 6+ on desktop). My mind and heart beats for Open Source and open community like webmin and virtualmin. Or others like Snort, Joomla! and stuff.

I’ve administrated over 60+ servers (based on RHEL :o() previously - but I prefere FBSD in every aspect of networking/service of functionality.

Now I am technical leader in one small compane which I’ve found, but crisis and other problems threw me to write this job search article.

You can find more about me at

If you are interested in working with me or you need my service I will gladly do my best for offering you best service.

Thanks a lot for any oportunity.


I’ll throw any BSD work that people email me with to you. I do get some requests for it but I don’t work on those types of servers, I’m a debian admin mostly.