FreeBSD Bootstrap/Install Script

Related to these two topics, I have a new script for FreeBSD 9.x and 10.x systems that uses the new PKGNG framework.

The script is still under active development and is somewhat crude. It is however ‘functional’ at this point depending on your meaning of what ‘functional’ is.

The installer can be tested by running the following on a freshly installed 64-bit FreeBSD 10.2 system:

fetch sh

You should end up with a functional Virtualmin install using Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.6. I’ve been doing my development on a 64-bit FreeBSD 10.2 VM. There are packages available for 9.3, but it’s untested at the moment. The script will likely fail if you are not starting with a freshly installed system.

Development can be tracked and issues scan be reported at

Thanks for this script!