Free Templates Download & Save For New Websites

Hi I am create my new webiste so, I need some templates use for our website. I search the best templates provide me. I have download more type of templates for web design sites of web design company free form this website. In this website more type of templates are design in PHP . HTML , Flash templates. So, I have more templates for free of cost.

This site also has quite a few…

Jaimie said (in an email) that was the site they used to feature the existing templates.

He also said that

"you can add your own, by creating sub-directories under /etc/webmin/virtual-server/styles , each of which contains the template HTML and image files for your own style. The only other special file that needs to go in a style directory is , which should contain a line like :

desc=My Custom Style

You can see the styles supplied with Virtualmin under /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/styles, which are formatted in the same type of directories."

I’ve been meaning to post this in the wiki, but access is very slow for me, so I haven’t been able to do it (last time I tried, anyways). Access is slow because of where I am, not because of the server!

Our friend Navjeet is a wee bit spammy. But we’ll leave this thread alone for now. Maybe next time he’ll make it a bit more relevant to Virtualmin. :wink:

The best options for free templates are definitely the following:

As tabletguy noted:

Another great one is:

And a new entry, with fewer templates but very high quality:

They tend towards Creative Commons licensing, and are posted by their original authors–so they’re legit, and if you really like to work, it’s possible to track down the creator for customizations with the same quality and style.

Making templates into Content Styles is covered here:,content_styles/

If you’re a web designer, we encourage you to offer up your designs in Content Styles format for free or for sale. We’ll even link to you on the website. (But, let’s not repackage CC-licensed templates and try to sell them, eh? We’ll be adding a lot more of the OSWD, OpenWebDesign, and OpenDesigns templates in the future in the default Virtualmin bundle for free.)

This blog entry has a collection of a "100 Open source" templates and layout resources, programs, etc.