frame forwarding c.q. standard forwarding


Can somebody help me how I realize ‘frame forwarding’ and ‘standard formwarding’ of domains to another domain within Virtualmin Pro.

Off course I don’t mean a html page to forward :slight_smile:

I’ve searched for several hours but I can’t find it. Maybe I overlooked it.

Thank’s for the solution.


Can you provide an example of what you would like to do?

Are you saying you’re interested in making it so that a user going to is redirected to

same problem…
I can’t find how to create from start a frame forward website.
I mean, I can’t find a “frame forwarding” option when I create a new virtual server…

thanks for the help


a little step forward…
Now I can do it with a script command:


/usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/ --domain --framefwd

but where is the button to do this in the web interface ?!?!

thanks in advance


Ahh – after logging into Virtualmin, go into System Settings -> Module Config -> Defaults for New Domains – then look for the setting "Allow creation of forwarding-only websites?".

You have a few options from there, but I think that’s what you’re after.

How do you change the setting for already created domains without removing them first? ;p