FPM then reverting back to FCGId - Caused SIGTERM apache failure

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3
Webmin version 1.984 Usermin version 1.834
Virtualmin version 6.17-3 Authentic theme version 19.84.7


After switching a virtual server to FPM then reverting it back to FCGId somehow the configs been changed in a way which has caused a SIGTERM error with apache, which is stopping apache from starting up.

I can’t imagine you’ll be bothered about this, but thought I’d report the bug anyway.

We need to see the actual error.

Looks like it was: AH00491: caught SIGTERM, shutting down

That isn’t a bug or a problem that prevents Apache from starting.

If Apache won’t start, that isn’t why. What other errors have you got when starting?

This was all that showed up in the apache log.

There has to be some other clue, this message is not an error.

systemctl status apache2

And check the journal immediately after restarting the service: journalctl -fu apache2

Which logs at which locations are you wanting to look at?

Type what I told you to type above.

I’d restored already, prior to the ticket. But still have access to the logs, if they’re any good?

Old logs that have nothing to do with your current system are not useful for anything. If you’re still having a problem, post details about the problem including current logs.

A quick restore to bring apache back up seemed like the best solution at the time, go ahead and close the thread if you want. Thanks for the assistance.

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