Forwarding mail to gmail not working

OS type and version Linux Ubuntu Linux 18.04.6
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.3-1
Related packages postfix

I added an account to a domain,, hosted on this server and configured it to forward to a gmail id. It bounces back saying origin server (which sent the mail to is not authorized.

This message does not pass authentication checks (SPF and DKIM both 550-5.7.26 do not

  • pass)*

From what I understand this seems like an error.


Why are you forwarding email to Gmail?

You should really consider one of the following:

  1. Setup domain with Google Workspace

  2. Utilize Gmail’s built-in ability to download mail from an POP server

Hi Peter,

I host websites for clients. Sometimes these clients have primary email at google. They are not very savvy or do not have the time, energy and patience to understand and configure pop/imap from the server to their gmail accounts. They may also not be very forthcoming with the credentials to their primary email accounts so I cannot set it all up for them. In such a situation the best solution is to setup forwarding. So any mail sent to the website email address that is on their merch/advertisements/contact forms etc. gets forwarded to the primary email that is on google or microsoft 365 or some such.

Setting up domains with workspace is trivial as you have suggested and I do that for clients willing to pay for it. However we work with very small size businesses, mom-n-pop stores etc. which cannot at all times afford the $10-15 overheads associated with those accounts either. This is purely about optimizing costs for the end user. Forwarding to a primary mail and avoiding multiple configurations on the devices they possess is a seemingly reasonable solution.

Of late when I get a mail from an external address, say addressed to say and I have the forwarding configured for send all mail received at to I get this error. Now why would the envelop when forwarding use the SPF record for the original sender and not my intermediate I am not able to figure out. I think I will spend some more time looking at the logs and testing it might clear things up, or so I hope with over 24 years working with postfix and Linux solutions one sure hopes one knows a thing or two. But if anyone here has seen this issue earlier please share your experience. This looks like a recent development because forwarding used to work absolutely fine till maybe even 6 months back when I had last set this up for this particular domain I am now facing an issue with.


The problem is because forwarding makes it look like the message is being spoofed due to DKIM and/or SPF policy rules.

The problem is forwarding is no longer the recommended way of doing stuff in the email world, since spammers essentially caused these new stricter policies intended to reduce spam to be implemented.

I’ve spent a great number of years in the email industry working with clients sending millions of messages monthly, having to re-educate them on industry practices.

Yes, it’s a pain in the butt to have to accept “change”, but the only constant in life is “change” and people will at some point In time be forced to do so.

When these antispam protocols were first implemented, Gmail and others used “relaxed” rules, but since have implemented more “strict” ones.

Hence my suggestions earlier.

If DNS is controlled by Virtualmin this can be simply setup using Server Configuration ⇾ DNS Options and Email Settings ⇾ DomainKeys Identified Mail pages. If DNS is hosted elsewhere, then you will have to add correct DNS entries manually, with help of Server Configuration ⇾ Suggested DNS Records page.

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