Forwarding all incoming mail to Gmail - Spam problems

I don’t use the server mailboxes, instead all addresses are forwarders to gmail address. (I send through SMTP though)

My VPS is hosted on OVH, and today they blocked port 25 due to supposedly sending spam. I manually inspected the mail queue and nothing is compromised, the problem is I receive spam messages, and when they get forwarded to Gmail, it looks like I’m sending spam. The OVH block is easy to lift, but eventually I might get blacklisted by Google and that’s really bad.

I use both SpamAssasin and ClamAV with default settings after a clean install.

I suppose those few messages aren’t caught by SpamAssasin? Is there any way I could improve the detection of spam, or not resend messages rejected by Google?

that is all correct what they done it. Did you deploy dkim, spf and dmarc settings to your domain dns-es? I do have server deployed on residential line and those settings worked for me…

I will add to @unborn post: You must have rDNS and to prevent incoming spam you can use RBL’s with postfix by adding:


and if you want to be really aggressive:


Just pay attention with Sorbs as they dont have any problem to blacklist even the big players like Gmail, Hotmal, etc. so use them with caution.