Forums will go up and down over the next hour or two

Howdy all,

I’m doing some minor work on the forums (adding CDN, testing failure recovery, and enabling some additional features), so it’ll come and go a few times over the next couple of hours. Outages should be short, unless something gets weird.



Everything is swimming along nicely now (things got weird with CDN setup, so I had to pick it up again this afternoon), so no more planned outages for today.

Nice-looking forums :slight_smile: (I can’t comment much, didn’t get any feel other than aesthetic, but at least there’s that!)

Just wanted to report a misleading login error. Saw the old forums post that old forums are now locked (I reached the forums through a forum thread memory in my firefox, IMO that would deserve a sticky notification in all posts, if that is doable of course, or else people will think the old forums are still the thing and they’re simply inactive), opened the new forums URL, clicked to login in the upper-right, did so, and was welcome with this error message:

Payload (the sso parameter in url query) is not set.
Signature (the sig parameter in url query) is not set.

Besides, on that page with the error, it still looked like (presence of a login button in the upper-right) I wasn’t logged, even though (successful hinch) reloading the forums page showed the login was, actually, successful.

Good thoughts, Oliver. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that with the old forums…but, the ridiculous limitations of the old forums and difficulty customizing them was one of the reasons I was so desperate to migrate us off of them! So…I don’t know how, but I’m trying to figure out some solution. The ideal thing would be a link to the same thread on the new forum (or even an automatic redirect), but I’ll be damned if I can figure out how, so far.

As for the login issue…I’ll try to figure out how to make that more clean and less confusing. It should Just Work, as long as you’re logged into But, it should be (but I guess isn’t) smart enough to redirect you to the login page if you aren’t logged in.