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Howdy all,

This has come up as a request from users a few times, but it finally made it to the top of the todo list (and I kinda need it for the site migration I’m in the midst of)…you should now be able to reply to forum topics via email. Just be sure to use the reply-to-list (or whatever) feature of your mail client, and the To address should look something like which will find its way to the right topic. You also must use the exact email address on your account, otherwise it will bounce.

I am not enabling topic creation via email, due to spam concerns. You’ll still have to come to the forum to start a topic. The reply-to function has a built-in secure hash, so it is much less risky.

Let me know if you run into any problems with it.



hi, that replies+jghj474hfi..... is fo everyone and for all topics? or its unique for each of us and each topic? I perhaps enable email notification in end of the day finally :slight_smile:

That’s an example of what it looks like. It is not an actual address. If you send to that address it will bounce. Every email you receive from the forum will have a unique hash in the reply-to field.

This comes in the Xenforo software I run. It starts off as a really neat feature until it turns into a really hot topic and you wind up inundated with emails in your inbox.

Careful what you wish for folks.

Email notifications have always been available. So, you could have always gotten an inbox chock-full of emails from the forum. This just means you can reply to all those emails right from your mail client without clicking through to the website.

I, personally, much prefer the web UI. But, different strokes for different folks. I added it because we need to migrate support from our customized Drupal project_issue module to private group conversations here in Discourse, and a lot of people really want that to work over email. Email is such a difficult protocol to offer safely, though, so we’ll see how it goes.

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