Forum plagued with bugs still

Going to last post even after I have read the previous ones still land me in the same post I viewed yesterday.

Clicking on "Mark all forums read" from the main forum at the bottom of the forum still does not mark forums read.

Editing own posts throws a “hacking attempt” now, didn’t before.

Still no “Subscribe to forum” link such as watching for new posts in “News”. Don’t say use the RSS feed instead because not everyone can use that on work computers like me.

I know Joe and Jamie want to do everything on their own but there are people like me that know php really good that could help with fixing these minor but annoying problems. HINT

I know Joe and Jamie want to do everything on their own

“want” isn’t exactly the right word. How much money do you think this here operation is making us? We do everything ourselves because we don’t have money to hire anyone to do anything else!

But, if you’re volunteering, we can put you to work. :wink:

Vote [1] for Scott! What might take Joe 5 minutes to figure out, it may take Scott 2 seconds. So I say, let the specialist do it, if Scott volunteers. Just as long as the privacy and confidentiality of customer information are maintained…

I’m up to help… volunteering is cool with me as long and the forum and site gets fixed.

Email me Joe.

Guess Joe didn’t want to take me up on the offer. Oh well… forum is worse then the old one… Can’t even “mark all forums read” which says I haven’t read anything but I know I have and I keep marking everything read.

Not getting any announcement emails any as well. Disappointing to say the least.

I desperately needed to edit an old post, but trying to do so gives me the message ‘hacking attempt’.

I know. This forum sucks, and is broken in way too many ways to count or fix.

I’m in the midst of testing alternatives. Looks like we’ll probably be going to SMF.

Sorry for being somewhat incommunicado lately…Google WiFi in Mountain View has been pretty much completely unusable for the past several days, and it’s my only way onto the net (all of the local coffee and bubble tea shops are also on Google WiFi, so there’s no “I’ll just grab the lappy and get some work done” solution). I’ve ordered up cable broadband, but I’m sure it’ll be a while before it’s installed. Hopefully Google will fix WiFi here soon, and things can get back to normal.

Should have gone with wordpress. I have actually written many plugins and addons for it and quiet good at coding and fixing those annoying issues with WP.

SMF is tried and tested. I am sure it will be a good choice for a forum.

Should have gone with wordpress.

Did I miss the meeting where they added a full-featured forum plugin to WordPress that integrates into Joomla? (Or, perhaps where they added ecommerce and bug tracking to WordPress, and we should be using it as the CMS?) :wink:

SMF is tried and tested. I am sure it will be a good choice for a forum.

I agree, mostly. It’s bigger and more complex than I’d like, and has to be bridged into Joomla (but at this point, everything useful on the site has been bridged into Joomla, and we’re using Joomla itself for nothing but a glorified, over-complicated, and really difficult to use, session and authentication handler). Turns out content management is the very last thing we need for :wink: