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Howdy all,

The forum was having intermittent performance issues that weren’t anything I could spot within the VM it was running on (so I guess the infrastructure we were on at the host was being worked too hard by other users or experiencing some issues…out of my control). So, since it’s been on the same VM for four years, and the hosting provider offers higher performance VMs for a similar price, I decided to migrate to a new VM.

It took a bit longer than expected, and I think there may still be some issues to work out (I had to disable the CDN for instance, and I’m not sure about email notifications and incoming mail replies), but all the data seems to have come across OK, and it certainly is faster. No more very long pauses or timeouts every now and then, as least that I’ve seen, though I guess DNS is still propagating and it’s 2AM on New Year’s day, so we’re not seeing more traffic at the moment. But, it was crazy slow on the old server when I started three hours ago, so at least that kind of slowness is definitely resolved.

Since it took longer than expected to migrate, I’m not gonna have time to test/fix mail tonight, if there is something wrong there…but, I’ll get to it tomorrow.

Let me know if you see any problems with the forum. (I don’t expect anything except in areas where the system interacts with third party services that may not be working right with a new IP.)



mail seems to be working ok (I have received some o/n)

There was a small problem with the old forum - in that the page updates of “New” and “Unread” were not happening in the background (service worker?) and only a forced reload of the page “refreshed” the page. I had assumed this was my connection but I’ll keep an eye on it and report back if it seems to be happening on the new VM.

Happy New Year.

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