Forum link error

I am constantly getting an error when i attempt to navigate to forums using the menu link on homepage.

This is the link the menu item points to… (and then throws an error)

shouldnt this be the following

I dont understand why no one has fixed this since the new forums were activated earlier this year.

also, i dont see any breadcrumbs on this forum…how are we supposed to easily navigate back to forum homepage?

I’ve tried to fix it, but have, thus far, failed.

But, no, the link is right (as far as I know…the direct forum link you’ve suggested definitely doesn’t work right), the problem is that you’re not logged in at when clicking it. The login workflow in the Drupal SSO module is what is broken, and I haven’t been able to fix it. We won’t be on Drupal for too much longer, but for now I just haven’t been able to find a fix.

Click the Virtualmin logo. That takes you to the forum home. (It does not, however, take you to, which is not related to the forum at all…but, maybe is what you mean?)

I dont understand why drupal cannot have a simple URL link pointing at

Breadcrumb allow navigation via levels rather than return to virtualmin home page…we are in the forum. Currently the only option is the menu button on top rhs…painful

It does. It’s labeled “Forums”. i.e., when you are on (which runs Drupal) and you click on the “Forums” link in the menu on any page, it will take you to (which runs Discourse).

I suspect we’re talking past one another, but I don’t know what you’re asking for.