For Dedicated Server

Which is best for dedicated server - cloudmin or virtualmin ?


What are you hoping to run on that dedicated server?

Virtualmin is for setting up and managing websites.

Cloudmin is for setting up and managing VPS’s.


Eric, what is the difference exactly? I can set up multiple people on a dedicated with virtualmin and allow them so many sites etc etc.


Virtualmin can manage a single server. On that single server, it allows you to manage multiple domains on it.

With Cloudmin, it can spin up multiple VPS instances. For example, it could manage 50 KVM instances across 10 difference servers. And then, within each one of those KVM instances, you could install Virtualmin to manage the domains on each one.

So Cloudmin sets up VPS instances, but doesn’t manage the domains on the instances it sets up. Virtualmin is then used to manage the particulars of the VPS servers Cloudmin creates.

Does that make sense?