Footer Design Tips and Suggestions

I am a freelance website designer and I have a problem to share with the community members. I often face trouble in dealing with the footer design of the website I want to know some expert suggestions on the same.
Kindly let me know the same if you can

@jayarora hi, sorry I somehow dont understand - whats the problem to share? Also footer design here on forums or website or where? If you could shine some more light in your question, that would be great

This post looks like it’s inviting spam. Gonna lock it.

I am looking for a genuine help Sir, I am not here to spam and create spams. Kindly consider my query I am new to the community as well as this career field

Web design isn’t really on-topic, and this post received a spam reply almost immediately…so, my suspicions were raised.

Regardless, you’ll have better luck asking your questions on a web design oriented forum. We’re focused on server management here, not design.