Font issue on website

Just a quick note to ask if anyone else has a problem with the font used at on their systems. On my Win7 system, regardless of whether I visit the site in IE or Chrome, the typeface is barely viewable (pixelated, with pixels missing on letters). Firefox seems okay. Perhaps there’s something up with the CSS for the site? Not sure. I will attempt to attach screen shots that illustrate the problem.

Hmm, I’d be interested in seeing a screenshot… as well as hearing from some other folks to see if they’re experiencing the same thing. I unfortunately don’t have a Windows 7 system to test that with :slight_smile:




I did attach screen shots to my original message, but for some reason they don’t show up. If I try editing my original post, then the attachments show up. Any ideas?


We had this exact same problem (pixelated looking fonts) with the site when we first launched it running on Drupal, for users of the Opera browser on Windows, but it went away after we altered the order of fonts in the stylesheets (and maybe removed one of the options, I don’t recall exactly). I can’t reproduce it under Vista+IE8, or Chrome on Windows, so I’m kinda at a loss how to fix it.

On another note, I also see the screenshots on the edit page but not on the regular forum view, which seems to be another Drupal or theme bug. You’re good at finding bugs in our website. :wink:

I’d be pleased as punch if anyone happens to know why the pixelation is happening…since I can’t see it on any of my systems (I’ve got Linux of many flavors, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X available for testing), it’s really hard to figure out and fix!