Fix Quota Script


I currently have an issue where all my user / group quotas are reset to unlimited when the VPS node is rebooted. A VPS container reboot does not cause the quotas to reset. I think the ISP may have fixed the issue, but I wont know until the node is next rebooted which could be in a week or in a year’s time.

I can go into the Edit Virtual Server, change the quota size by 1MB and then submit to get the quotas working again. This however is a bit long winded and I was hoping I could get some guidance on the relevant Virtualmin function calls to automate this process?

Alternatively is there already a virtualmin fixQuotas script?

The check disk quotas cron script is useful in reporting problems, it would be nice if it could be tweaked to fix problems aswell!




I talked to Jamie about this a bit… it sounds like if the underlying quotas are changed outside of Virtualmin, that’s a bit of a pickle :slight_smile:

Virtualmin doesn’t keep separate metadata regarding the quota sizes for email users, it just sets the quotas on the filesystem.

So if the quotas are changed outside if Virtualmin – Virtualmin will think those changes are intentional, and there isn’t a way to reset them to their previous values.

Regarding the Virtual Server quotas – that’s a little different. Jamie suggested that if you wrote a script that looped over the “virtualmin list-domains” output, and called “modify-domain” on each one, that it should be possible to reset the quotas.

I didn’t immediately see how that might work, so I’ll ask him for some more input on that, but I thought I’d share the info I had so far :slight_smile:

Jamie did mention that in the next Virtualmin version, he’ll include a script to fix the quotas for Virtual Servers.


Hi Eric,

I like the sound of a fix quota script in the next release of virtualmin!

Thank you for your info so far. I am interested to hear what you find out next!