first virtual server works, not the second one I added, why?

I added my main hosting server then I added my second domain but when I type in I get the index page andwhen I type in I get an error from firefox browser saying:

"the operation timed out when attempting to contact www.iphotohostcom"

IM running a freshly installed suse 10.0 updated with the latest updates that it told me to update Since you said it would be a few days before the 64bit version of virtualmin in available I installed suse 10.0 in 32bit mode instead.

The only error I can remember when I installed virtualmin was about web_dav, so I turned off web_dav and something about too many arguments as the line right before the line in the installer that says, your virtualmin is now ready. Is there something that I have to turn on to get more than one domain working with virtualmin?


If you are running the PRO version of virtualmin see bug #174 in the resolved section. It deals with this problem on the SuSE 10.0 platform.

After adding the second domain, now niether of them work for me. After deleting the second domain, I can reach the first domain, but it seems that if I add more than one domain then they are all unreachable.

I was wrong in the first place, the only domain I can bring up is and it’s not even listed as a virtual domain, any virtual domain I list times out. will going back to suse 9.3 solve this problem? Or is there another bug fix that you know about for this?

I dont run my own DNS, I have a dynamIC ip ADDress, and I use a program for that changes all my domains at one time to a new ip address, but my ip address hasn’t changed so maybe this has to do with bind and or dns?

I’m looking into it, but please don’t go back to 9.3. 10.0 is definitely preferable, just because the yast package manager works so much better in that version (getting updates in 10.0 isn’t easy, but in 9.3 it’s downright tedious).

Okay my bad, sorry for wasting your time, when I fresh installed suse 10, I never configured the firewall to accept http, I just did and the domain came right up.

So sorry about this.