First Virtual Server account is being utilized for server updates when logged in as admin, running its quota off the charts!!!

I have raised this issue in the forums once before…but got no replies that i can recall.

When i am logged into virtualmin/webmin as the senior administrator (which has access to all Virtual Servers), virtualmin is allocating all server update/upgrade/installation “bandwidth quota” statistics for the senior administrator to the first Virtualmin Virtual Server.

This means my first webhosting account on the server has racked up over 2.68GB of “bandwidth” this month when in actual fact the virtual server hasnt even been used for anything other than displaying a website (that rarely has any traffic)

I am sure that this is a flaw in the programming for webmin/virtualmin in that, “bandwidth quota” for webmin/virtualmin system updates and upgrades by a senior administrator should not be getting allocated to specific webhosting accounts (virtual servers). It seems to me that the issue is because virtualmin is automatically assigning bandwidth and resource usage whilst an admin is working on the server, to whatever virtual server is active in the drop down tab at the top of the dashboard menu. This shouldnt be the case. We need another solution to this as an administrator could be inadvertantly assigning usage statistics to users (depending on which virtual server tab is active at the time of doing server updates), who may then get nasty emails about overstepping their usage requirements…an email that would be false!

Can someone PLEASE fix this in future updates?