first time virtualmin user needing some help


first time user needing some help to finish out my virtualmin install.

i have a Centos6.4 server freshly installed with minimal install with rpmforge and epel repos enabled. I downloaded and ran the install and everything went ok.

I then logged into the web portal and did a post-check and found the following

Your Postfix version does not support per-domain outgoing IP addresses.

The Suexec command on your system is configured to only run scripts under /var/www, but the Virtualmin virtual server home directory is /home. CGI and PHP scripts run as domain owners will not be executed.

what version of postfix should i install? or is there a setting in that needs to be changed ?

also where would i look to change the suexec setting ?

also if i wanted to host my dns outside of virtualmin i wouldnt need dns bind correct? what all records should i point to my virtualmin host? www/mail/mx record ?



Hmm, I think having those third party repositories enabled is causing the issues you’re seeing… once those are enabled, it’s no longer a fresh install, and all kinds of problems can occur :slight_smile:

Is it possible to redo your CentOS install, and then reinstall Virtualmin – all without enabling the third party repos (in particular, RPMForge, it has packages known to conflict with those used for Virtualmin).

Alternatively, you may just be able to download and install the Apache version from the Virtualmin software repo… but if possible, you may be better off starting from scratch.


reinstall your server and install virtualmin without enable any 3rd party repo…
I am using centos 6.4 and have no problem using virtualmin. 3rd party repo can cause problem because they also have some similar program with different version…
just use default repo…

Eric, point him to the “PHP thread”. :wink: