FirewallD does not autostart at boot time

OS type and version Ubuntu 22 LTS
Virtualmin version Latest

FirewallD does not autostart at boot, even when Autostart at boot is enabled.
If I start it manually, after boot - it does start.

How to fix this and what could be the root cause?

Sorry… perhaps @joe can help you…

@ramones79, post your /var/log/firewalld log.

Is it actually enabled?

systemctl status firewalld

It is, but the behaviour is rather erratic. The previous time, when I rebooted few days back, it autostarted. And I thought it is ok now.
But today, after updates, I’ve rebooted again ,and this time FirewallD did not autostart, despite it is enabled to autostart.
I had to start it manually.

I get this too, which then messes up fail2ban … and to be fair I can not see why it does not start but this will be an OS problem & not a virtualmin problem

I’ve read in at least one place that seemed credible that firewalld didn’t really ‘play too well’ with Debian yet. I was following a tutorial of sorts and was getting frustrated that I wasn’t getting the output expected.

Specific example. Even after I set eth0 to the public zone the interfaces line showed up blank in this listing.

root@main:~# firewall-cmd --list-all --zone=public
public (active)
target: default
icmp-block-inversion: no
interfaces: eth0

So, I reran the command and it informed me it was already active in the zone. It shows up now. Maybe a reload of firewalld? Don’t really know. But, on on hand it did recognize it was active and appeared to be working but it didn’t display it as such in the command above.