Firewall blocking my connection

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Hi team,

I was having some issues with people trying to connect to the server so I installed & configured Fail2ban and a recommended Firewall… I fell off the face of the planet for a while, came back - I can’t connect to Virtualmin via port 10000 anymore, but I can connect when I remote to the server locally.

This tells me the firewall is blocking my connection.
Now, I’ve tried adding the exception to iptables - but that did not work, I am not banned with Fail2ban … but there’s clearly another service running that’s blocking me.

How would one be able to find out what firewall rule/service is blocking my connection?
I can remote to the server and access the panel that way, that’s no problem - and I can ssh to the server too.

Any guidance is appreciated, thank you all

how many firewalls do you need?

just one should be enough (and will avoid conflicts)

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In Virtualmin failtoban wants to work with firewallID

do you have UFW running?

Webmin has its’ own access control. You can check that. Hard to say what changed.

traceroute -p 10000 domain.tld

I do not -
Command ‘ufw’ not found, but can be installed with:
sudo snap install ufw # version 0.36.2, or
sudo apt install ufw # version 0.36.1-4ubuntu0.1
See ‘snap info ufw’ for additional versions.

and I just followed a guide on how to secure my Virtualmin server – it was months ago and emails work so I didn’t have to pay attention to it … crap. I have too many domains to just re-install…

Any way I can find out what Firewall is installed? I’m going to go through my browser history and see if I can find it there… lol thanks for the help & suggestions

@ID10t - I am running Windows on my main machine - so I cannot run that command sadly, but thank you as well for the tip

Its tracert in windows.

Following random guides on the internet without understanding what you’re doing is always a bad idea.

The default firewall in a Virtualmin system installed in the recommended/documented way is firewalld. There is a module for managing it in Webmin. There are command line tools for managing it, too. We also setup fail2ban to work with it.

If you switched from firewalld to something else, I would hope you would know what you switched to. But, there are only a few commonly used options. If it’s not firewalld, it could be CSF, it could be plain ol’ iptables, it could be ufw (but if you don’t have ufw installed, it’s obviously not ufw).

Everything works if you let it. Don’t go out of your way to break things unless you have a real good reason to do so, and take the time to understand why you’re doing it.

This to looks like a webmin install or a minimal virtualmin install as with a full install you would not have to install fail2ban as the installer would have done that. so without more info who knows how the mail stack is set up

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