Find KVM Instance Error: "could not work out primary disk image" on existing KVM host with VM's

OS type and version Debian Bullseye 11
Webmin version 2.001
Cloudmin version 9.6 KVM

I’ve recently installed Cloudmin on top of Webmin and after a few installation problems, it seems to be working. I have two KVM hosts on Debian 11, both running 5 VM’s right now.
I want to add my existing KVM guests (or “Instances” I suppose). However, I’m unable to run “Find KVM Instances” - when I do, it shows the five VM’s, but each ends with an error: “could not work out primary disk image”.

The format of the disks are qcow2, but reading (outdated) information suggests that only raw formats are supported. So, I converted one of the disks of the VM to raw format, and it produces the same error message along with the other unconverted VM’s.

(n.b.: the outdated documentation includes documentation on Virtualmin’s site, such as: Managing Virtual Domains – Virtualmin - none of the options that are displayed here are in my version of Cloudmin, and the documentation isn’t versioned or dated, so I don’t know how old it actually is, or when it was last updated. Also, the Help button in “Find KVM Instances” produces this error: “Error Failed to read help file /usr/share/webmin/server-manager/help/findkvm.html”)

I’ve tried to add an instance manually, but the “KVM Process to Manage” field is blank, and results in an error when I try to add the existing instance (“Failed to add system: no KVM process selected”).

Is there a way to ultimately manage and import existing KVM VM’s running qcow2 format into Cloudmin? Or is this not supported in any way?



You do not install Cloudmin on top of Webmin. You start with a new server, then download and run the Cloudmin installer.

This will install all needed software for you.

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Thanks for replying: if Cloudmin must be installed before you create VM’s, why is there an option to find existing KVM “Instances”? If I have existing VM’s and want to use Cloudmin, I have to reinstall everything from scratch (a fresh new host, and then the VM’s through Cloudmin)? That doesn’t seem practical.


You can import existing VMs from backup or another server.

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