Find folder that grows every day

hi all, I have an automatic daily backup with virtualmin but I notice that every day it increases by 1 Giga, how do I know which folder increases so much?

In Webmin -> Others -> File manager, if you navigate to the /home directory, click the ‘Select All’ icon and right-click ‘Calculate Selected Size’, you will get the total disk space occupied by each directory under /home. If you compare it on a daily basis, you will have the virtual server (or user / domain) which has taken up more space than the previous day.

You could navigate up one level to similarly monitor the entire server or navigate down to a specific directory of a Virtual server to see if it is the public_html or homes directory which has expanded in size and by how much. This is a rather labour intensive way of monitoring change in disk space usage over time but Virtualmin’s File Manager is one of the few that I know of which offers the '‘Calculate Selected Size’ option and this lends itself well to solve the problem that you have outlined, @marcoconte.

I would love to see a bar graph of disk usage over time (at various levels of depth in the directory structure) and if such a tool could be built in to Virtualmin then it would be a useful new feature, or is there a third party tool for this which can be quickly installed, can someone tell?

good morning anyway I was using DU from the command line, at least that’s easier
you were very clear thank you for your patience and help I will get to work thanks and have a good day.


… in this case you might be interested in trying ncdu command instead. :wink:

hi I noticed that in a virtualserver in the home folder like / home / myvirtualserver / tmp there is a tmp folder with files of the type sess_000kf3trfsp9i17565g73c5i8f what are they for? can they be eliminated?

Those files are from PHP sessions, most likely. There is no reason to worry about it. It’s normal process. Although, you must be able to reduce on the app’s side the time for a session length, and it will be processed by internal garbage collection sooner. Those files are tiny and shouldn’t lead to any out-of-space issues.

good but that’s 18 gigabytes of space !!! how do you reduce the session in php config?
you say they are only 90 kb I confirm it but why 18gb in 20 days?

I don’t think it is this folder that makes me increase the backup by 300 M per day, what do you think what can it be? now I do a home folder monitoring with calculate and let’s see

It depends on what this folder have in it? Perhaps, unfinished uploads? How many files are there? What files are there?

is there 212.000 files!!! in 20 days

If those are just sess_ files, than it should reflect the number of visitors your site has - looks busy. You can always delete them manually but users will have to re-authenticate.

I solved: I have a crm that has a workflow every minute so it logs in every minute … when I do the automatic backup with virtualmin I execute a command first rm -rf / home / myvirtualserver / tmp / sess * and so I make the backup clean and without many megabites thanks for helping me understand

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