Filter and Forward mail not working

Hi, I can’t seem to get the Filter and Forward Mail settings to work correctly. I am trying to set up some simple filters based on subject line. Let me give some examples of what works and what doesn’t. If I set a rule that says if the subject contains [Mailinglist] in the subject line then send to specific folder. This doesn’t work, it just simply arrives in the inbox. If I take off the [ ] brackets and have it look for just a specific word then the mail gets filtered correctly. Any ideas why this doesn’t work? I am using the user@domain.tld in postfix if that makes a difference. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Wow that worked! I guess I need to read up on regular expressions. Thank you for your help.


The text of what you put there is put into the .procmailrc file.

As procmail works with regular expressions, the brackets have a special meaning.

Try escaping the characters, something like this:


And see if that helps.