Filesystem Backup never finishes

Hi can anyone please help. I have got a weekly full filesystem backup that runs and I can see writing to my backup drive. The problem is after a day or so of leaving it running my backup drive is no longer flashing but webmin still claims the backup is running.

The backup never completes and I’m never notified of a failure or a success.

I can’t find any logs or how to find out what is going wrong. Any help would be really appreciated.


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What you’d want to do is make sure that, in the “Backup schedule” section of the Filesystem Backup screen, that you have “Email scheduled output to” set. Then, you’ll be able to review what exactly is occurring during the backup process.


Hi thanks for your help.

I already have that option set, but unfortunately as the backup never completes and just stays always running I don’t receive any emails about it. I think it must email you when it finishes or fails but mine just stays running. The backup is always listed in the “Running backups” list on the main Filesystem backup screen in webmin.

Are there any log files I can check etc?

Thanks again.


You may want to check the logs in /var/webmin/miniserv.error to see if that shows any error messages. That will show Webmin/Virtualmin related errors.


Hi thanks Eric, I can’t see anything in that log to do with backups or emails.

The backups are done with ftp and I’ve even tried looking in the proftp logs but can’t find any info on notification emails not being sent or why the backup doesn’t finish… Thanks again for any help to get this fixed.

I mentioned this in your email related support request, but since it appears to be related to this topic –

I think the issue is that the backups appear to be about 250GB.

That would take quite some time to complete, using the Filesystem Backup module.

What you may want to do, is perform backups of everything but /home. That would greatly reduce the backup time.

It all depends on what you need, but I personally just backup /etc (along with the standard Virtualmin backups).