Filesystem backup configuration webmin

**Operating system: Centos7
OS version: 7

Hello… I’d like to create a filesystem backup in webmin with the files appended with dates and then deleted every five days. Although I’ve been able to create the backups without these additional features, I’d like to include them. I Googles the information and it says these controls are in the Filesystem Backup Configuration file. But I can’t seem to find where that may be.

Can anyone give me a hand here?

Dan Lewis


Have a look at module’s configuration and its strftime substitution option.

… clicking on the help link, will provide you with more details:

I am not sure we support deleting backups automatically. What you could do though, is to run a custom script after scheduled backup is done, and check for files that must be deleted.

Hello LLia… That worked fine. The next problem I have is in the file backup. It only goes to 10.83gb and then stops and fails. What do I need to do so I may have a larger file or even break it up into several smaller ones. The directory I’d like to back up is 218 gb.


It fails where and what error message do you get?

The backup of /home2/Thunderbird-Files/Tbird-Files-Disk1 on has reached the maximum amount of data allowed on tape 1. You will need to load a new tape and hit the ‘Tape Loaded’ link in Webmin’s Filesystem Backup module for the backup to continue.

Because that didn’t work out it doesn’t do that backup for the next night and I get this error.

Backup of /home2/Thunderbird-Files/Tbird-Files-Disk1 on

Backup is already running with PID 12756.

Backup failed!

I’m not backing up to a tape… I’m backing up to another computer via FTP and it has 2tb or free space available.

I wondered if anyone has the solution for a file that exceeds 10.86 gb when using filesystem backup in webmin

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