Files in skel directory not being copied properly at virtual server creation

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 16.04.7
Virtualmin version 7.1-1


I’ve been using a custom skel directory with one of my server templates. It’s been working great until I recently updated the contents of the directory. Now when I create a server, only some files are being copied over, with most files/folders not being copied.

The strange thing is that all of the files and folders in the skel directory have the same ownership and permissions (root:root, 755 for d, 644 for f).

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening or if there is an error log for this kind of failure?


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Actually, it turns out that one of the subdirectories in my skel folder had wonky permissions (555). This was presumably causing a write permission error when the folder was copied with existing permissions.

Solved now.

Please do not use OS that reached EOL (Ubuntu 16.04). You can safely install and setup Ubuntu 22.04 with Virtualmin 7 beta installer.

Hi Ilia,

This is a production server that has been around for a while. I don’t think 16.04 to 22.04 is a safe upgrade, is it?

There is no direct path to upgrade from 16.04 to 22.04 directly. It has to go from version to version (i.e. 16.04 → 18.04 → 20.04 → 22.04). Although, I would rather suggest fresh installing Ubuntu 22.04. Those kind of distro-upgrades most likely will take more time.

Is there a clean and reasonably fast way to migrate all virtual hosts on one Virtualmin server to another? I’ve done the “restore backup, but on a new server” method for individual virtual hosts before.

Backup Virtual Server and Restore Virtual Server should be pretty quick, do a test first.


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