files getting deleted after checkout

Hello all,

I have virtualmin running with 2 main domains and multiple subdomain virtual servers on each. All subdomain sites use the same user as the main domain and all ownership is mainuser:mainuser. The permissions for most of the site files is 644 and the subdirectories have 755. The problem only occurs on mainDomain1 subdomains but not on mainDomain2 subdomains.

On mainDomain1 subdomains, when I try to connect with dreamweaver via SFTP, the files get downloaded just fine, but when I check out a file, modify it, save, and put it back on the server, the file is deleted on the remote server.

Not sure what exactly is going on but as far as we can tell there should be .LCK files created when you check out a file, and they are not. Also when I choose to save and put the file, Dreamweaver says " An FTP error occurred - cannot put {FILE}. An error occurred. Please contact your administrator.".

Thanks in advance.

One thing that may help with diagnosis - another issue is happening when trying to put a file from filezilla: Error: error while writing: received failed with description “Failure”. Google searches are saying there is not enough space. The df command says we have 49% free diskspace and it is not a large file.

Could this be a quota issue?

the quota was set to unlimited but it still gave us disk quota errors when we tried to create new virtual servers. We set the disk quota to something large instead (300 GB) and it started working. Not sure what is going on with the “unlimited” setting but it didn’t work for us.