Files and Database Backup to ftp or ssh

Can any one give me a bit of advice. I want to backup wordpress files & database on a schedule in virtualmin/webmin. I do not want to do this within wordpress it’s self. I have at the moment virtualmin doing automated backups and sending them to an ftp server but it’s just bundling all sorts other virtualmin setting and files above the wordpress directory which I just do not want. All I want to backup in an automated fashion and sent to ftp is 1 copy of the database for wordpress and one copy of the public_html folder “Wordpress Root Folder”.

The reason I do not want to use a plugin to do this in wordpress is there all poor and slow and I do not trust them.

Can anyone give me some advice please.

P.s Centos 7 and latest Virualmin/Webmin

Thankyou in advance!

I dont think you can exclude your home folder and be able to backup public_html with virtualmin backup. I could be wrong, but if disabling all the options in virtualmin scheduled backups, except for DB and HOME, wont suffice. Then you could goto webmin, system, file system backup, then just backup the public html folder. Then you’d have to backup the DB separately via the webmin, servers, MYsql, database_name, backup database.

You could also write your own custom script and run it via cron.