File permissions in virtualmin

Hey guys, very new to virtualmin.
Having an issue where one of the users is trying to change permissions on directories and subdirectories but getting an error in their FTP client:

set attrs for /home/user/domains/ permission denied

As I said, very new to this whole thing so way out of my depth. Could anyone help?


What permissions are you trying to set on that particular directory?

It sounds like you’re seeing a filesystem permissions issue – so it’s just a matter of determining what’s trying to be set, and who’s trying to set it… that particular user may not have the ability to change what they’re trying to change.


Hi Eric, thanks for a speedy reply.

Yeah, they’re trying to set the read write of one of their wordpress directories. I gave it ago myself under their account and it doesn’t seem to matter what I set it to, it won’t change to anything else.

Is there either a way for me to give them the ability to set permissions themselves or might there be a way of me manually doing it myself?


You might want to verify what the present owner and permissions of the directory that you want to change are. Only the owner and root is allowed to change permissions, so if you’re e.g. using mod_php in Apache, so the Apache user created the directory and is the owner, the user via FTP won’t be allowed to change perms.

The admin username of their virtual sub server is their own username, would this make them the owner? They are also the parent of it.

Not necessarily. To verify the owner, you need to ls -l the parent folder in a Linux shell. It’s about the actual filesystem ownership, not Virtualmin admins.

You were totally right, Locutus. They didn’t have ownership. Ownership has been transferred to them now and everything is working perfectly. Thanks all for your help and for putting up with someone massively out of their depth.

Thanks all, once more!

You’re welcome, glad to have helped putting you back into the proper depth! :wink: