File Manager in Pro Version

I am using the free version of Virtualmin/Usermin and I have found the Java based file manager to be just too slow for use over dial up connections.

Is the file manager in Virtualmin/Usermin Pro the same as in the free version?

Yes, the File Manager is the same Java applet as in the free versions.

I’ve never noticed a problem with speed, but I haven’t used it over a dialup in a long while. I’ll look into it…we may need to enhance the Upload/Download Files module to include basic file management features, so that for folks on limited clients (either bandwidth, java availability, or screen size) can still operate effectively. Or it may be an issue with the applet that can be addressed for your particular case.

It loads in 30 sec on my DSL (768K down), about 2 min on Satellite and we gave up on dial-up as it was taking too long.

Once it gets started, it moves along pretty well.

Is it possible to cache the application on the work station?

Regarding caching, the applet is cached (IE and Firefox) which makes it load in about 5 sec over DSL. But this only applies to the same session. When the browser is closed and reopened, it takes about 30 sec again.

So the question above should have been, is there a way to permanently cache the applet in the browser?

I don’t know much about caching of Java Applets…I’m not sure if they follow the same rules as regular HTTP data, though it probably does. In which case, we can set a special header on the applet file to allow it to be cached more aggresively than the rest of the data. This is definitely something I’ll have to research before jumping into, but it seems like a very likely solution.

I believe this may help:

Exactly what we need to know. Thanks, Danny!

Not a problem. I used to be all about java and I knew how to do it, but the documentation was the hard part to find. :smiley:

Is this something I can implement in my copy of Webmin 1.221?