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Please forgive me if I sound stupid, I am a newbie.

I really like Webmin, it helps me to manage my server without using a lot of line commands.
My problem is on the Other-file manager function, I was able to download any files on the Ubuntu server into a window directory using MS Edge. However, for whatever reason, it does not download to my designated directory and goes to a temp directory embedded Deep in the apps/Edge…/tempstate/ directory. When I normally browse a website and download a file, it goes into the default directory, normally c:/username/download/ as default.

How can I change webmin?

That’s up to your browser. Webmin has no control over it.

Thank you.
I understand that is determined by my browser. I forgot to mention, however, every other file downloads are d/l into my designated directory except webmin file downloads.

Hi @jackwan1 I agree with Joe, it’s a browser setup. You should use something which is within modern Web standards compliance like Firefox or chromium or Google chrome. Edge us ms product and since it works it does not mean it its play by global Web standards or rules. Even if its build up on same engine like chrome. No one can tell, the source code is closed.

Just show some love to Web and use modern Web browser not crapware :wink:

Hello @jackwan1 you might want to try setting the download location of MS Edge. See

New MS Edge is Chromium with Redmond bells and whistles. I just tried it and my test downloaded to my %userprofile%\Downloads folder just fine. It sounds like your installation’s profile is partly broken or needs reconfiguring…

Edge is fine.

But, we still have no control over where it downloads files.

Hi, I do not use windows since 2004 for other and reasons mentioned below - however - its edge and its not chromium - they just share the code to run on, not the properties of the standards - how the programs do at users input is up to developer and since we cannot read edge code (its closed and proprietary) - I will strongly advise you to use another closed source code which does comply with web standards or perhaps use open alternatives - chromium or firefox. - in end of the day, if you wont make switch to modern standards then have look at your edge setup - as ‘you are in control’ where to save files.

have good day.

edit: another closed and proprietary source is google chrome - they do care about web standards… you can install it if you want.

Chrome has its own issues, though it is the predominant browser. Edge behaviour-wise is now far more aligned to current Chrome for the sake of this discussion. (I use no less than six browsers regularly, for the sake of web development and because I get bored!)

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