File Manager archive download many files with symlinks

NOT a BUG but:

If you select a lot of files in one and download ( archiving) i hadn’t see symbol link, then running long time but no download / archiving. That is normal and ok. i think it was because of that while without that link download archive was ok.

But if possible a kind of check in File
Manager for that kind of failures from (ME) :wink:

So if files / links could be problem archiving / download a kindly message or so.


What problem do you get exactly? As I understood, if you download having zip (setup in File Manager module config) then symlinks are resolved, if tar, then symlinks are added to the downloaded archive file as links (not resolved). @Joe, what do you think, should we always resolve links when downloading multiple files/directories as archive, or not. Perhaps, make it optional for tar?

The mainproblem was for me i didn’t want that links and data, so my fault , ( don’t know it was zip or tar) , and maybe no rights.

Looked like it hangs then.
pff did a lot then with file manager windows 10 pro latest edge chromium.

Some other things i can’t remember, but can’t simulate same now.

So don’t know cache or session related…

I think we’d better keep it default to what zip/tar does (at least for now), meaning zip by default will resolve the links and have files on the downloaded archive, while tar will have links as links.

It makes it predictable and expected. Although, I’m not against adding an extra option on dropdown menu in the future, to have it chosen before actual download.

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