File Manager - (1) highlight searched word, (2) display line numbers

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I’ve just started to use File Manager a bit more, and realised it is such a wonderfully nifty tool!

  • No more change-code and upload. Instead, just edit directly and save!
  • No more SSH to chown and chgrp and chmod, recursively or otherwise. Simply click Info and change permission and ownership.
  • No more playing hide and seek with files. Hunt down any filename (with wildcard option) on the HDD or within directories.
  • Copying and moving files and directories is a breeze!
  • Creating, writing, searching & replacing and renaming files take mili-seconds, not seconds. (OK I exaggerated :wink: but you get the idea)

There are 2 specific suggestions I’d like to make in relation to this otherwise perfect tool:

  1. It will be great if the line numbers are shown on the left edge of the File Manager screen. Easier to coding/editing.

  2. It will be helpful to highlight the search term (use red background or something) after a keyword search. Currently, it is very difficult to locate where the searched keyword is.