Fgcid messing up when creating a server

For some reason, whenever I create a new domain and use fcgid (which is default) it messes up.

In the fcgi-bin directory, the php5.fcgi file is incorrect. It is pointing to "exec /usr/bin/php5" which should be "exec /usr/bin/php5-cgi". What do I need to alter so that it puts "exec /usr/bin/php5-cgi" in the php5.fcgi file upon creation?

Im sure the fix is simple, I just cant locate it.


Howdy Steve,

Are you running the latest version of the virtual-server module? I’m pretty sure this was fixed a couple of revisions back. But, if the fcgi-wrapper scripts were created before the problem was fixed, you’d have to disable/re-enabled FCGI for the virtual server (I think that’ll do it).

If you are running the latest, and it isn’t creating correct files, it’s a bug.