Fedora vs. CentOS

I was looking in the Packages offered by Fedora and the Upgrade packages of CentOS and it looked like Fedora is far better than CentOS when it comes to latest applications. This means that Fedora is better supported than CentOS. Also, Fedora is sponsored by RedHat (and CentOS is not).

I wonder why CentOS is recommended for servers over Fedora.

This means that Fedora is better supported than CentOS.

No. It means that package quality requirements are far lower for Fedora than CentOS. :wink:

Fedora has an 18 month support cycle. CentOS has a 5 year support cycle (and RHEL has an additional 2 year security patch period).

The average life cycle of a web server is over 3 years. You do the math…

Anyway, we strongly discourage use of short life cycle operating systems for use on servers (as does anybody that knows much of anything about managing servers). So, good choices include CentOS, RHEL, Debian, and Ubuntu LTS releases. Poor choices include Fedora and Ubuntu non-LTS releases.

Fedora is BETA CODE !! As in unstable and can break at anytime. Fedora is crap and it’s the base code for RH Enterprise Linux.

I won’t even work on Fedora server because of this.