Fedora 31 Update Linux 5.8.9-100.fc31.x86_64

After this update it did not start up my webmin, after starting it with command it didnt show up on my browser when i rebooted back to Linux 5.8.8-100.fc31.x86_64 it worked again. Anyone know how to fix the installation on 5.8.9 so that is start up properly?

You aren’t providing sufficient information to help you. What errors do you get when you try to start Webmin while running the 5.8.9 kernel? There are logs in /var/webmin and the journal will possibly have clues as well.

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I really think his issue is not the kernel version but a stuck Webmin process on CentOS 8, which was fixed upon reboot.

@makleinx Try loading back kernel 5.8.9, does it work for you now?

Jamie made another patch for Webmin 1.956 to address Webmin restart issue on CentOS 8.

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