Federated tables in MySQL

Hi all,

I have a brand new CentOS server with a brand new installation of VirtualMin. To my disappointment, the MySQL that has come with it does not include support for Federated tables. I really like Federated tables, and I use them all the time. So it looks as though I am going to have to recompile MySQL from a source tarball, enabling the Federated engine along the way. I am far from looking forward to it, as I don’t really know what I am doing, and any instructions I can find on the web assume that MySQL is being installed for the first time, rather than being re-installed.

Anway, I don’t expect to get help here with that, but my questions is, should I worry that the reinstallation of MySQL will cause any knock-on effects in VirtualMin, and if so, are there any steps I can take before to mitigate them?

Many thanks,


I don’t think recompiling or reinstalling MySQL is going to cause a problem with Virtualmin’s ability to manage MySQL.

However, I do have a few other thoughts on the matter :slight_smile:

I’m not a big fan of the idea of custom compiling software, it tends to lead to maintenance problems in the future. For example, anytime a new version of MySQL comes out, or especially a security fix, you’d have to manually go compile a new version. And the more you have to do that, the more annoying it gets :slight_smile:

I might suggest looking at alternative ways to handle that…

One example would be to explore if another distribution offers a version of MySQL that comes with the features enabled that you want. Ubuntu 10.04 is pretty recent, you might consider checking it out.

Another idea is that MySQL itself distributes recent RPM’s, it’s possible you’ll find what you want by downloading an RPM directly from their site.

Lastly, RHEL6 just came out, which means that in a few months, CentOS 6 will be here. That doesn’t help you today, but if you really want to stick with CentOS, version 6 might contain the features you’re after.