Feature Wish: Add miniserv.log by default to logratation

I wish, Virtualmin would had added /var/webmin/miniserv.log added to logrotation out of the box.
Non of my Server had this, and currently I found that one of my Servers use many GB for this logfile.

then why not fix whatever is filling up that logfile?

It’s no error-log, It’s simple access-log like GET and POST.

May I have set any log-config to ultra-sensitive? I don’t know, but wonder why there are so much logs in the miniserv.log

Is there a config-file to adjust the verbosity of logs for miniserv.log?

Just checked mine, not rolling, not huge either, but they are good candidates for some fail2ban rules.

do you have any fail2ban rule based on this? Would be nice if you share them.

Mine log is small also.
Until you get it sorted you can add it to log rotation Webmin > System > Log File Rotation

Deleted post. Not useful and not needed.

Wrong thread?

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